At the Council meeting of 16 June 2017 the Council will be invited to agree on the proposal for a directive that aims to amend the current EU VAT rules in order to allow e-publications to benefit from reduced VAT rates, at the discretion of the member states.
Currently, in most EU countries, e-publications are charged a standard VAT rate (a minimum of 15%), and publications on physical media can benefit from significantly lower rates, which may sometimes be reduced to 0%.

VAT reverse charge mechanism

Furthermore, the Council will be invited to agree its general approach on a proposal for a Council directive that would allow a temporary application of a generalised VAT reverse charge mechanism, in derogation from the from the main general principles of the EU's current VAT system.
The application of the mechanism will be voluntary for member states and granted under certain conditions for domestic transactions between businesses involving services or goods with an invoice exceeding €10 000.
The reverse charge moves the responsibility for the reporting of a VAT transaction from the seller of goods or services to the buyer.
The proposal was made following a request by member states that are particularly affected by VAT fraud and do not have sufficient measures to combat it.

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