Reference for a preliminary ruling from First-tier Tribunal in the case Avon Cosmetics.

Where a direct seller sells goods (‘Sales Aids') to unregistered resellers or the unregistered reseller purchases goods and services from third parties (‘Third Party Goods and Services') which are in both cases used by the unregistered resellers to assist their economic activity of selling other goods which are also purchased from the direct seller and the subject of administrative arrangements issued pursuant to a derogation most recently authorised by Council Decision of 24 May 1989 (89/534/EEC) (the ‘Derogation'), do the relevant authorisations, implementing legislation and/or administrative arrangements offend any relevant provisions and/or principles of European Union law in so far as they require the direct seller to account for output tax on the unregistered resellers' sale price of the other goods with no reduction for the VAT incurred by the unregistered reseller on such Sales Aids and/or Third Party Goods and Services?



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Rubriek: Europees belastingrecht, Omzetbelasting

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