In reaction to today's publication of the draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union, the European Parliament's Brexit Steering Group issued the following statement:

 "The European Parliament's Brexit Steering Group welcomes the political agreement, in principle, of a transition period, although we reserve our right of scrutiny. We reiterate that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and the European Parliament, as with the European Council, will decide independently whether the final negotiated withdrawal agreement is acceptable or not. We welcome confirmation that EU citizens coming to the UK will enjoy the same rights as those having arrived before the start of the transition period and that UK proposals advocating discrimination between EU citizens arrived before and after the start of the transition period have been rejected. We welcome the UK's confirmation that the "backstop" solution to avoid any hardening of the Irish border, as proposed by the European Commission, will be incorporated into the withdrawal agreement. "


Draft agreement


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