Following the European Parliament's vote in favour of the Financial Transactions Tax proposal today, Commissioner Šemeta has given a reaction.
"Today we've had a clear signal that popular and political support for the financial transaction tax is still strong. I warmly welcome the Parliament's vote in favour of the FTT under enhanced cooperation, which 11 Member States have requested. The goals of fair taxation, a cohesive Single Market and a more responsible banking sector are more relevant than ever – and we know that the FTT can contribute to all three. With today's democratic backing, Member States must now press ahead in reaching quick agreement on this file. Rumours and speculation are not good for business, and create a difficult environment for our economic operators. So it is time for the 11 Member States to converge on the FTT to be implemented, while also protecting the spirit and purpose of this tax. The European Parliament has presented some good ideas today to feed into discussions. And, for its part, the Commission will continue to support negotiations in every way possible, to facilitate a swift and ambitious compromise on the FTT." 

Informatiesoort: Nieuws

Rubriek: Europees belastingrecht


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