Request for a preliminary ruling from the Conseil d'État in the case Euro Park Service.

When national legislation of a Member State makes use, in domestic law, of the option under Article 11(1) of Council Directive 90/434/EEC of 23 July 1990, as amended, on the common system of taxation applicable to mergers, divisions, transfers of assets and exchanges of shares concerning companies of different Member States, is there scope for the measures adopted for the implementation of that option to be reviewed in the light of primary EU law? If so, must the provisions of Article 43 of the Treaty establishing the European Union, now Article 49 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, be interpreted as precluding national legislation, aimed at preventing tax evasion or avoidance, from imposing a condition that the use of the common system of taxation applicable to mergers and transactions treated as such is to be subject to a process of prior approval only as regards transfers made to foreign legal persons, but not transfers made to legal persons incorporated under national law?


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