Judgment of the General Court in the case Léon Van Parys v Commission.
The General Court hereby: 
1. annuls Article 1(4) of Commission Decision C(2016) 95 final of 20 January 2016 finding that post-clearance entry in the accounts of import duties is justified and that remission of those duties is justified with regard to a debtor and is in part justified in the particular case of another debtor but in another part not justified with regard to that particular debtor, and modifying Commission Decision C(2010) 2858 of 6 May 2010; 
2. Dismisses the action as to the remainder; 
3. Orders the European Commission to bear its own costs and to pay those incurred by Firma Léon Van Parys NV. 

Informatiesoort: Nieuws

Rubriek: Europees belastingrecht, Douane

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