The Court of Justice has given a judgment in the joined cases Schoenimport ‘Italmoda' Mariano Previti, and Mobile Phone's.

Sixth Council Directive 77/388/EEC must be interpreted as meaning that it is for the national authorities and courts to refuse a taxable person, in the context of an intra-Community supply, the benefit of the rights to deduction of, exemption from or refund of value added tax, even in the absence of provisions of national law providing for such refusal, if it is established, in the light of objective factors, that that taxable person knew, or should have known, that, by the transaction relied on as a basis for the right concerned, it was participating in evasion of value added tax committed in the context of a chain of supplies.

C‑131/13, C‑163/13 and C‑164/13

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