Commissioner Moscovici has given a speech on the European Semester Winter Package. He highlighted the fact that for the first time, the Commission is stressing the issue of aggressive tax planning in seven EU countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta and The Netherlands.

These practices that we know have the potential to undermine fairness and the level playing field in our internal market, and they increase the burden on EU taxpayers. The related country reports are based on a thorough review of their tax rules and relevant factual economic indicators. Moscovici recognises the steps some of these Member States have taken to adapt their tax model recently. Moscovici meets ministers from these countries on a regular basis and two days ago he met the minister of Netherlands for a very positive exchange of views to discuss their national measures and take stock on progress. Moscovici believes that clearly more needs to be done. The EU Member States must ensure that fair taxation becomes the rule – a rule without exceptions inside and outside the EU. Moscovici also welcomes the fact, it's not in our report, that the Council made public the letters requiring that the commitments taken by countries in the grey list be made public. 



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