Commissioner Šemeta has given a speech at the Council Meeting of 15 November 2013.
A few lines from the speech:
The OECD has prepared the ground for a new global standard of automatic exchange, which will become operational in 2016. The EU warmly welcomes this, as a pioneer and practitioner of automatic exchange since 2005.
The challenge facing us today is how to ensure a solid EU legislative framework that will also be part of the legal basis for our Member States in applying the new global standard. In particular, the EU is no longer making the first move. The world is already moving. And the EU must not be left behind.
It is time to adopt the revised Savings Directive. It is time to send a clear signal to our market operators and negotiating partners. It is time for a show of unity in building a new and coherent EU legal framework within which our Member States can operate. 

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