The European Commission has published a report "Accelerating the capital markets union: addressing national barriers to capital flows". Capital market investors and Member States have repeatedly identified withholding tax (WHT) relief procedures as a major deterrent to cross-border investment.

 The Commission invites the Member States to confirm the relevance of the nine WHT best practices that were identified in a joint roadmap. Each Member State would then be expected to make commitments on which best practices it wants to implement by 2019. Individual progress could be monitored in the form of a scoreboard to be discussed with the Member States. The Commission proposes that this work be taken forward by relevant tax working groups, while the expert group would be regularly informed of progress and play a supporting role in view of the importance of the issue for CMU. The Commission will also work with national tax experts on a code of conduct on WHT relief principles. In line with the CMU action plan and the recent Communication the best practices identified by the expert group will be the basis to draft a code of conduct on more efficient WHT relief/refund principles. 



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