The EFTA Court has given a judgment in the case Yara International v The Norwegian Government.

Articles 31 and 34 EEA do not preclude the application of national rules on intra-group contributions, such as the rules in the Norwegian Taxation Act, under which the contribution reduces the transferor's taxable income and is included in the recipient's taxable income regardless of whether the recipient makes a loss or a profit for tax purposes, that lay down the condition that both the transferor and the recipient are liable to taxation in the EEA State in question. It is a condition of EEA law that the national rules must serve a legitimate objective such as the need to safeguard the balanced allocation of taxation powers between EEA States or to prevent wholly artificial arrangements leading to tax avoidance. However, the requirements of national law go beyond what is necessary to pursue those objectives in cases where the loss sustained by the foreign subsidiary is final.



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