Request for a preliminary ruling from the Tribunal Supremo in the case ANGED.

Must Articles 49 TFEU and 54 TFEU be interpreted as precluding a regional tax imposed on the use of individual large retail spaces with sales areas covering 2 500 m2 or more due to their potential effect on planning, the environment and urban retailing patterns in the region, but which, as a matter of law, applies irrespective of whether or not such retail establishments are actually situated in a consolidated urban area and in practice usually affects undertakings from other Member States, given that: (i) it does not affect traders who own several retail establishments, each with sales areas of less than 2 500 m2, whatever the total sales area of all of those establishments together; (ii) it exempts collective retail establishments; (iii) it excludes individual retail establishments which are garden centres and those selling vehicles, building materials, machinery and industrial supplies; and (iv) retail establishments given over essentially to the sale of furniture, sanitary ware and doors and windows and those that are do-it-yourself stores are required to pay the tax on only 40% of the relevant net tax base? 



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