When Jean-Claude Juncker became president of the European Commission in 2014, he told the European Parliament he would focus on making progress on growth, employment, investment and the digital economy. As Parliament is keen to ensure these promises are kept, it has developed a digital tool to follow progress on the 10 priorities chosen by Juncker. The Legislative Train Schedule shows the current status of each piece of proposed legislation as well as its development.
Following the 2014 European elections, the Parliament elected Juncker to head the Commission. In a presentation to the Parliament that autumn, he set out his political agenda for his five-year term, including 10 priorities on issues on which MEPs had called for action from the Commission.

How our tool works

The Legislative Train Schedule shows when a piece of legislation arrives at the Parliament. It's also possible to see which proposals are blocked and where.
Clicking on a carriage reveals all details about a proposal, such as the priority it is linked to and the MEP responsible for steering it through Parliament.
The tool is limited to the plans outlined in the Commission's working programme, so does not cover all EU legislation dealt with by Parliament.

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