Two studies published by the European Commission show how environment policy can spur economic growth by boosting flood protection and making more of a switch to greener taxes. One produces more evidence about the overall economic benefits from timely investment in defences against flooding, and the other highlights the advantages of moving the tax burden away from labour and towards resource use and pollution.

The study on the potential for greener taxes, which pools data from 12 Member States, suggests that moving taxes away from labour and towards pollution (increasing taxes on the causes of air and water pollution, for example) would bring in revenues of EUR 35 billion in real terms in 2016, rising to EUR 101 billion in 2025, with far higher figures involved if steps were also taken to remove environmentally harmful subsidies. The potential revenues range from just over 1% of GDP per annum through to just over 2.5% of GDP per annum in 2025, depending on the Member State concerned.

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Environmental fiscal reform potential


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