Opinion of Advocate General Wathelet in the case Commission v Portugal.

Wathelet proposes that the Court should rule as follows: Portugal has failed to fulfil its obligations in adopting and maintaining in force legislation, in the form of Articles 10 and 38 of the Código do imposto sobre o rendimento das pessoas singulares (Law on the income tax of natural persons) (‘the CIRS'), pursuant to which a taxable person who exchanges shares and transfers his place of residence abroad or transfers assets and liabilities relating to an activity carried out on an individual basis in return for shares in a non-resident company, must, in the former case, include, in relation to the transactions in question, any income not taxed in the last fiscal year in which the taxable person was still regarded as a resident taxpayer, whereas, in the latter case, he does not benefit from a deferment of tax resulting from the transaction in question. 



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