Dombrovskis would like to thank the Estonian Presidency for these two productive days in Tallinn.

He welcomes the Estonian Presidency's initiative to launch a debate in the EU on how to modernise the tax rules to take into account new business models and the digitalisation of the global economy. Everyone agrees that this issue raises major political and economic questions and that we need to act. It's a question about our tax revenues. It's a question of fairness and efficiency. It's also about maintaining the integrity of the Single market. We need to continue the work at global level, notably at the OECD, to find comprehensive solutions with our partners outside the EU. At EU level, the CCCTB can also help to provide a long-term solution to the issue of taxing digital giants, as it would also address issues such as virtual permanent establishment. But there are also strong arguments for more immediate action. The Commission will be setting out its thinking on the way forward in a Communication before the digital summit on 29 September. 



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